a Teach-In on Borders & Migration
October 2020

Over the last four years, artists and designers have deployed their skills to oppose Trump’s anti-immigrant and nationalist rhetoric through critical artistic projects that build cross-border alliances and give voice to migrant experiences. This virtual teach-in will focus on art and design practices that address the politics of borders and migration. The aim of the "teach-in" is to simultaneously mobilize the CCA community while making scholarship and art public and outward facing.

Make. Act. Resist is made possible by generous support from Creative Citizens in Action, the Architecture Division, the Fine Arts Division, the President’s Diversity Steering Group, the Film Program, and the CCA Libraries.

Lead Organizers
Kim Anno, Jose Brunner, Irene Cheng

Organizing Team
Shalini Agrawal, Sayer Al Sayer, Claudia Bernardi, Monica Bravo, Javier Breceda, Roxana Breceda, Leandra Burnett, Luis Escalera, Jeanne Finley, Howsem Huang, Cesar Lopez,  Vreni Michelini-Castillo, Carlos Miranda, Rachel Parish, Kurt Pelzer, Navya Sharad, Sophie Schnorf, Jose Trujillo Rodriguez, and Taamara Rath.

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Artists & Designers in Action

CCA's faculty, students, alumni and fellow collaborators have been at the forefront of borders and migration issues for many years. We take this moment to highlight their nationally and internationally recognized projects. The following listings are recordings of videos and podcasts, housed both in the library and CCA radio station.

Video Interview Series

Un Puente de Voces

A Virtual Fundraiser for Group Home The Bridge

Photo Source: Casa Hogar E Puente
Led by Jose A. Brunner


Yohannes Tesfamichael

Cadence From a Lone Traveler
CCA MFA, 2020

Video Lecture

Nilgun Bayraktar  

Refugee Futurity: Counter-memories and Critical Dystopia in Contemporary Film and Video Art

Video Artist Talk

Arleene Correa Valencia

Hyper Visible
CCA MFA, 2020

Video Artist Talk

Taro Hattori

Exinclusivity: Space of Inclusion

Video Performance

Guillermo Galindo  

Border Cantos with Richard Misrach and Cucaracha

Photo: Jan Sturman

Podcast Artist Talk

Shalini Agrawal & Ava Roy

Insights in Site: Stories of Belonging

Photo: Mitsy Rodriguez

Video Artist Talk

Sergio de la Torre &
Chris Treggiari

Sanctuary City Project

Video Interview

Claudia Bernardi

Life and Work

Video Lecture

Monica Bravo

Greater American Modernists in Migration

Video Architect Talk

Helena Cardona

Landscapes of the Exodus
CCA MArch, 2019


Patricia Maloney

Telling Stories: Self Portraits

Video Artist Talk

Lydia Nakashima Degarrod

Life and work

Podcast Designer Talk

Jose A. Brunner

Border Phenomena

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